The Branding for Cualli Xocolatl is Made with Freeze-Dried Fruit

 - Mar 14, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
This dynamic example of handmade chocolate bar packaging successfully communicates the high quality of each ingredient going into the brand's products. Created by graphic designer Michal Slovák, the visual branding scheme for the Cualli Xocolatl range is made from Kraft paper and gold embossed lettering.

The client, LYRA Chocolate, requested a new packaging concept that would help the product grab attention on store shelves in retailers across Central Europe. With Cualli Xocolatl translating from the language of the Aztecs to "good chocolate," the packaging concept perfectly introduces the new sub-brand as a trusted name in premium chocolate offerings.

The Cualli Xocolatl of LYRA Chocolate also boasts delicate packaging that opens up like a present, opening from the side.