The Lick of Luxury Candies Feature Specks of Edible 24-Karate Gold

 - Mar 4, 2016
References: fancy
Adding an element of luxury to the dining experience are the Lick of Luxury champagne lollipops infused with the bubbly taste of the opulent beverage and edible flecks of 24-karate gold. The candied treats add an air of grandeur to the childhood sweets, making them perfect for adults.

The Lick of Luxury lollipops offer a delicious champagne flavor that is artificial, and thus doesn't contain alcohol making it suitable for both adults and children. The lollipops are a clear white coloring allowing eaters to see the golden flakes lurking inside. As the candied coating melts away, the edible gold is revealed and can also be eaten.

The sweets are also available with edible silver flakes as well. The desserts would make great party favors or lavish gifts.