The Oneirophrenia Sculpture Series Features Surrealist Explosions of Faces

 - Mar 27, 2016
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You can certainly appreciate that the sculptor behind the Oneirophrenia collection has fine artistic talent, having created a series of busts with such lifelike contours and details. Of course, the first thing you will have noticed is undoubtedly the explosive deformations that make these masterpieces truly unique.

A mastering of the sculptural media has urged Tim Silver to experiment with unusual techniques, and in this case, it's bringing baking into the process. The ingredients for bread are put into each of the three-dimensional portraits before they are heated in an oven. As the bread rises within the skull of the subject, it cracks the concrete and marble dust along feature fault lines and across unexpected surfaces. The results are contemporary surrealist pieces that exemplify people's interest in being surprised and amused by today's art.