This Milan Restaurant & Deli Offers a Place to Sit and Snack

 - Mar 25, 2016
This Milan restaurant and deli is located within a former tailor's shop and features a rustic decor that replicates the Sicilian dining experience. Designed by Studio DiDeA, Muddica has two rooms that make up both the restaurant and deli retail spaces.

When the project was commissioned by the client, Studio DiDeA was asked to create a warm and friendly space where consumers could buy, sit and eat high quality food products. In order to accommodate space for both retail and sit-down dining, the walls in Muddica are divided into two sections; the upper portion showcases the packaged products on sleek industrial black shelves, while beneath the shelving system two-seat tables are set up for guests to sit, relax and enjoy their food. Another dominant feature of the stylish space is a wood and oak bar that serves as a focal point and place of gathering.