Lucca Delicatessen Has Been Operating in San Francisco Since 1929

 - Oct 12, 2015
Operating out of San Francisco's Marina district since 1929, Lucca Delicatessen recently overhauled their image with a rustic rebranding. Given the solid reputation between the longstanding deli and its local clientele, Lucca Delicatessen needed to create a brand that would help the product resonate with those unfamiliar with the business. The packaging includes take out options as well as solutions for the deli's CPG range.

In order to create such a brand, Lucca Delicatessen tapped independent graphic designer Frida Thomsen, who created a visually stimulating packaging range that married traditional Italian themes with that of contemporary design motifs. In addition to referencing their Italian heritage, Lucca Delicatessen's design scheme also references the shop's proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the context of San Francisco's Marina.