This Goat Cheese, Silan and Olive Galette Baking Recipe is Scrumptious

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: myjewishlearning
An ideal baking recipe for Tu Bishvat, this Goat Cheese, Silan and Olive Galette is packed with a number of traditional ingredients for a savory final product.

Starting with the base pastry, the dough is best prepared beforehand and allowed to chill. The filling of the delicious dish combines goat cheese, fresh rosemary, dried figs, black olives and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

The Israeli baking recipe looks to offer a sweet, savory treat for families or while entertaining. Being that Tu Bishvat cuisine often focuses on dried fruits, the Goat Cheese, Silan and Olive Galette is the ideal way to incorporate them into a meal.

The array of flavors within the dish allows each one to play off of each other and enhance the treat as a whole.