This Japanese Company is Now Selling Sandwiches Filled with Ramen

Japanese baked goods company 'Yamazaki Bread' is now selling ramen sandwiches for those who can't get enough of the savory instant noodles. While ramen has been transformed in many different ways over the years, these breaded treats mark the first time that the noodles have been used as an alternative to conventional sandwich fillings.

The Yokohama-style ramen sandwiches from Yamazaki Bread is a new version of the brand's popular Lunch Pack line of crustless sandwich pockets. While the line already includes sandwiches filled with egg, tuna and peanut butter, consumers can now enjoy the taste of ramen as well. More specifically, the sandwiches are filled with Yokohama-style ramen, which is a cooked in a combination of pork stock and soy sauce broth. As a result, the sandwiches feature small chunks of pork and a savory broth-flavored sauce.