This Delicious Sabich Breakfast Dish is Sure to Satisfy

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: foodrepublic
A sabich is a traditional sandwich from Israel, which has been reinterpreted as a breakfast/brunch dish with this breakfast bowl recipe. Packed with protein, the bowl consists of eggplant, potatoes, pickles, eggs and plenty of fresh herbs and seasonings.

The hearty breakfast has seen something of a downturn in recent times as many consumers have shift towards smoothies and lighter fare in the morning. However, this recipe which takes a traditional dish and switches it around helps to show how balance is truly the best ethos.

The sabich breakfast bowl recipe can be enjoyed in portions or as a whole with the various flavors working well together and separately. The protein-rich ingredients help to increase the lasting power of the dish, which is perfect for Shabbat breakfast.