This Countertop Oven Produces Delicious Vegetarian Food

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: tempehsure & fastcoexist
'TempehSure' is a countertop oven that turns soy and fungus into a delicious vegetarian staple. Tempeh is a soy product that has a similar taste and texture to that of tofu. While tempeh is a staple for many vegetarians, it can be extremely expensive to buy.

TempehSure makes it easier for consumers to produce their own tempeh at home. To use the device, users simply need to combine soy beans with the spores of the Rhizopus fungus. The oven will then incubate the ingredients in order to produce delicious tempeh. The handy countertop oven is designed for restaurant or home use and can yield up to three pounds of tempeh at a time.

While TempehSure is not for everyone, the device is perfect for vegetarians and those who like to experiment with plant-based foods.