This Suck UK Corkscrew Design Takes the Shape of a Pirate

 - Jan 22, 2014
This quirky corkscrew design from Suck UK cleverly transforms useful tools for bottle-opening, uncorking and cutting into the limbs of a pirate. The Legless Corkscrew designed by Nick Lerwill gives the pirate a blocky, makeshift leg made out of cork whenever a bottle of wine is opened.

The design of this multi-tool has parts that are not only practical, but also quite charming, since the character’s arms and legs move to serve a purpose and simultaneously animate the pirate.

Although it's a bit abstract, the design is packed with pirate-like details, from the earring-like hook on the side of its head to its eyepatch and the parrot that subtly rests on one arm of the Legless Corkscrew.