The Menu Champagne Sabre Equips You to Decapitate Rather Than Corkscrew

If you're not brave enough to execute the high-pressure popping of a bubbly bottle's cork, then you may not want to give this Menu Champagne Sabre a go. The elegant-looking device requires some graceful and forceful technique to operate; however, it surely would impress just about everyone when demonstrated.

Designed by Karim Rashid, the alcohol-accessing implement is even larger than the bottle it opens. You hold it securely in one hand with the other grasping the vessel, proceeding to complete a swift slicing motion to sever the weak glass neck. The stainless steel material of the Menu Champagne Saber is strong enough the cleanly separate the top from the body, producing a perfect spout for pouring a celebratory drink.

Photo Credits: Vertigo Home