The Origin Chrysanthemum Tea Bottle Features Vibrant Chinese Imagery

 - May 5, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
Chrysanthemum tea is an ancient flower-based beverage dating back to the first century in East Asia that is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity in China. The Origin Chrysanthemum Tea is a brand based in Shenzen, China, that boasts a vibrant, eye-catching bottle design that has helped establish it as the go-to choice for the historical beverage in the country.

Similar to how Arizona has branded itself stateside, Origin Chrysanthemum Tea features a bright package that exudes freshness and emphasizes the brand's modernization of an ancient recipe. The neon-tinged reinterpretations of the traditional Chinese drawings highlight the brand's role in bringing back a classic drink with a modern twist.

Given the noted calming effect of chrysanthemum tea, the soothing nature of the whimsical images on the brand's packaging is well-suited.