Mountain Wine Packaging Visually Articulates the Grapes' Growing Regions

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: thedieline
So much about the distinctive flavor of a wine is derived from the origins of the vineyard, so it's quite fitting for Jiulan Mountain wine to be decorated with patterns from the land. The high-quality make of alcohol comes from "China's Bordeaux" region of the country––an area with similar geography and climate to the famous wineries of the west.

To celebrate the landscape, Zhou Jingkuan designed wine bottle labels with sinuous line art to represent hills, mountains and river waves of the Ningxia Helan Mountains in central China. The four varieties of the beverage are washed in gold, beige, white and blue hues to distinguish them, and to allude to different natural elements about the region.

What can be learned from these elegant Jiulan Mountain Wine labels is the way that they've succeeded to blend references to the source and production of the product, while integrating the traditional artistic style of the origin.