BVE KIDS' Branded Characters Adorn Art, Packaging and Brochures

 - Apr 22, 2015
BVE KIDS is Germany's first housing co-op for underprivileged youth and has recently gained attention for the branded characters that adorn their promotional materials and custom products. In an effort to raise charitable funds, BVE KIDS uses branded characters to adorn packages and brochures that are purchased by sponsors.

These characters are vibrant and fun, resembling friendly monsters that have been incorporated into the housing organization's signage and product packaging.

Used to adorn canvases, t-shirts, backpacks and toys, these characters will appeal to young consumers who are encouraged to help those in need. This kid-friendly branding concept features bright colors and fun graphics that are memorable and engaging for art fans of all ages. The project goes far beyond charity and appeals to kids' heightened level of imagination.