Bill Gates Drinks Water That Was Converted from Sewer Sludge

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: & theverge
There have been a fair share of reality survivor shows that hone in on an adventurist drinking his or her own filtered urine to last another day; yet the waste water ingested by Bill Gates is something else entirely. Converted from sewer sludge, the waste water was made potable by a special machine, the Janicki Omniprocessor.

Backed by the Gates Foundation, the Janicki Omniprocessor is not only able to create drinkable waste water, but also electricity and sterile ash that can be used as fertilizer. The Verge writes, "More than 2.5 billion people on earth have no reliable access to clean drinking water, so the humanitarian implications of such a machine would be immense." It is just hard to imagine that waste water would taste remotely good.