Artist Kris Martin Casts Empty Honeycombs in Bronze

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: whitecube & designboom
Artist Kris Martin is showing his latest collection of art work called 'lost wax XII' at the London's White Cube gallery. The stunning pieces are bronze castings of empty bee honeycombs -- that is honeycombs with all the honey removed. The Belgian artist looks at his works from the perspective of "chance, time and material metamorphosis," according to the site.

His work brings to light the intricacies of nature and allows people to have a close up look at the way bees work. The artist has also created something solid and concrete for people to observe, because humans do not usually get the chance to look at these due to the honeycombs delicate and temporary nature. The huge structures are quite imposing and even more so when viewed in person.

Photo Credits: designboom, whitecube