Eric Valli Captures the Extreme Conditions of Life in Himalayas

 - Jun 6, 2012
References: ericvalli & visualnews
Eric Valli traveled to the Himalayas to capture photographs of the harvesting of honey in Nepal.

Valli tagged along with Himalayan Gurung men who took on the job of collecting honey in high altitudes with barely any safety gear. If you're wondering why the group made such an extreme trek for just a bit of sweet goodness, this honey isn't any ordinary sweetener. The honey in these Himalayan mountains is produced by very large bees, which create a variety of different honey tastes that can't be extracted anywhere else. Roughly 130 pounds of honey is retrieved from each nest and can be sold for five times the price around Asia.

Aside from the honey extravaganza, these retro photographs look completely modern. The shots and angles reveal the photographer's skills and portrayal of a contemporary appeal.