The Beehive Garden Lamp is a Sweet Addition to a Moonlit Patio

 - Jan 14, 2013
The appropriation of nature's forms can make the most beautiful designs and this Beehive Garden Lamp is a great example. Inspired by the iconic hub of the insects' activity, this series of light fixtures would look right at home while at hanging in the backyard.

When illuminated, the lamps turn a bright honey yellow in color, exuding a soft glow and an ambient warmth. With each taking a slightly different form, there's a sweetness to the way that they balance an aesthetic authenticity with an unmistakably manufactured appearance.

A small black spot on each of the Beehive Garden Lamps suggests the entrance to the suspended habitat. The playful quality to Mateusz Chmura's design can be appreciated by young and old alike. The captivating effect is further intensified when the bulbs are strung up in clusters.