The Ariane Modular Trellis Artificially Encourages Organic Growth

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: emiliecolingarros &
Squint a little and it looks like these lovely climbing boughs have made their elegant meandering journeys on their own accord. A closer look, however, will reveal the subtle presence of the Ariane Modular Trellis, which is the catalyst behind the particular forms that have arisen.

Designer Emilie Colin Garros won a young talent prize for this concept within Jardins Jardin this year. It is a relatively minimal piece with the great potential to give gardeners control and turn their plants into living sculptures.

Each unit has the simplified anatomy of a snowflake. It's flat with a loosely hexagonal theme to its asymmetrical branches that makes it easy to tack them up on exterior walls in any odd arrangement. With a tiny bit of training for the climbers, the Ariane Modular Trellis will help you shape your vertical landscape.