Stay Prepared in Natural Disasters with the Deluxe Honey Bucket Kit

 - Nov 1, 2012
References: gadgetsmatrix
It often surprises people when they realize how unprepared they are for any type of disaster, natural or unnatural, but that's why there are a variety of emergency survival kits for sale like the Deluxe Honey Bucket Kit.

Included in this large biohazardous-looking container are things like solar blankets, a flashlight, axe, first aid kit, compass, duct tape, matches, masks, food bars and drinking water. Everything in the Deluxe Honey Bucket Kit is vacuum sealed in a compact package to conserve the products as well as space. The emergency survival kit has a five-year shelf life and all edible products are allergy-free and fit for vegetarians. For those wondering what's included for other emergencies, wet naps and toilet disinfectants are also available. Although the contents of this kit are quite extensive, there is only sufficient sustenance for four people for a limited time.

Image Credits: Amazon