Ricasol Bra Dryer Lauders Your Intimates Softly and Speedily

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: bradryer & tuvie
Many women know that how often and by what means you wash your undergarments has an effect on their lifespan. The Ricasol Bra Dryer 2.0 has been designed to improve the way that hand-washed delicates are dried so that can wear your luxurious lingerie for years to come.

An adaptation from an earlier concept, this invention by Alexander Farennikov would supposedly eliminate all of the water trapped within the fabric and padding in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes. This swift process is a great deal better than allowing moisture to sit amidst the threads overnight, resulting in the formation of mildew. It also eliminates time on the laundry line where braziers can become damaged.

Last but not least, the Ricasol Bra Dryer 2.0 takes the form of a pair of breasts, maintaining the curvature of the cups with its honeycomb vented mesh.