The Waveskate Surfboard is Both Sea and Land-Capable

 - May 17, 2013
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The new Waveskate Surfboard maximizes fun for skateboarders and surfers everywhere with its ability to transform from surfboard to skateboard and back to suit the needs of even the most active person.

This sick new product is an epoxy board -- a surfboard -- that former pro skater Yancey Meyer has allowed to function both on smooth ocean waves and cracked asphalt. The ‘Waveskate’ is also a training tool for balance and posture, allowing unexperienced surfers and skaters to learn on its broad surface.

On the water, this board is a 5-foot short board, and on land it’s about the length of a longboard. However, wheels attached on the board’s bottom can be hidden away when surfing and re-exposed when skateboarding—the perfect product for surfing skaters everywhere.