This Beach Drink Holder Lets You Bring Your Beer to the Water

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: fancy & thegadgetflow
If you happen to be drinking by the seaside without a place to house your beer bottle, this bamboo drink stake by Surfer Life Designs is the ideal beach drink holder to keep your beverage sand-free.

These rustic bamboo drink stakes look like they were inspired by the rural look of backyard torches. This beach drink holder comes with a natural-looking bamboo stake that is great for keeping your cold beverage elevated and away from the sand. The wooden cup holder is perfect for keeping your beer bottle chilled till you come back from swimming in the sea. You can bring these bamboo drink stakes wherever you are to keep your favorite beach beverages high and dry. Whether you’re surfing, paddle boarding or swimming, it’s nice to know there’s a cold drink waiting for you when you get back to the beach.