Stolen Riches Offers Flair for Your Feet

 - Nov 22, 2011
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Wondering how to add a touch of personality to those traditional dress shoes without making them totally flamboyant? Stolen Riches has the solution for you. Its colorful line of quality-crafted shoelaces will add some zest to those classic wingtips, ensuring that your feet subtly attract some attention and define you as a man of style.

The premium laces come in ultra-cool colors like Moville Green, Folsom Black and Tiqui Orange, just to name a few, and their slim, slender design makes them an ultra-chic and sophisticated addition to amp your kicks. The laces are also extremely durable as Stolen Riches has a long history (over four generations) of producing shoe strings. With such a long history of manufacturing, this company must know a thing or two about delivering a quality product. So tighten those laces, boys, but make sure it's a brand new pair from Stolen Riches.