Touch-Sensitive MIDI Music Hats Are a Bizarre Way to Play Songs

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: & en.akihabaranews
These MIDI Music Hats by Sunny Oh and Anna Obikane are an unusual interactive form of musicianship. The wool hats are embedded with pressure-sensitive sensors and LED lights, inviting friends or passersby to touch spots on your head to create MIDI music.

The hats themselves feature a tall woolen spike not unlike a unicorn horn. Although this design feature will probably prohibit the MIDI Music Hats from becoming a mainstream fashion accessory, they still represent a compelling innovation in tactile technology.

The wires in the hat feed into an Arduino Lilypad, which then connects into a computer to produce the MIDI music. Whether you'd actually wear these hats or not, you have to concede that electronic fashion is developing at a breakneck pace.