Von Zipper Sunglasses Come in Every Color in the Rave Scene Rainbow

 - Mar 3, 2010
References: vonzipper & radcollector
I really don't think I've ever seen the word 'Crayolaic,' so I'm patenting it right now. Let it be known.

Moving on, the Von Zipper Sunglasses Collection is full of color, heavy on style and is much cooler than my attempt to patent a made-up word to begin an article. Offered in a slew of different colors, the sunglasses are certain to brighten anyone's summer day--even if it's raining.

The colors in the collection range from (their words, not mine) swampjuice and purple fog to tangerine dream and fufuberry surprise. Those are some serious names, Von Zipper Sunglasses. Kudos.