The Heather Wells Food Earrings Will Have Your Mouth Watering

For all the foodies out there who love to devour food and also wear it, then the Heather Wells Food Earrings are a pleasant find.

Wells’ enjoys turning scrumptious treats into wearable jewelry. Her items are handmade using polymer clay. Dangling earrings are made using surgical steel hardware with a looped hook closure. This allows the miniature food snacks to attach to your ears without the usual discomfort from regular costume jewelry.

The Heather Wells food earrings let you indulge in your guilty food pleasures without gaining a single pound. Your ears will be the only things gaining weight, and even that is only temporary. If you think you are able to withstand the temptation of having delectably sweet snacks hanging from your ears then make sure you give these ear accessories a try.