Beautiful Hand-Made Cameo Brooches Make Taxidermy Chic

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: hungrydesigns & etsy
Australian-based jewelry designer Hungry Designs is redefining the cameo brooch with these beautiful mounted head brooches. The available animal designs vary and range from a stag and a jackalope rabbit, to dinosaurs and even a unicorn. The mounted animals on the brooches are all molded from original hand-drawn designs and mounted on light or dark (pine or walnut) laser-cut wood. They are 4.5 to 5 cm tall are approximately $30 each.

These animal head brooches are a fantastic update of a classic fashion item. They are different and unusual, but beautifully made -- even the dinosaur designs look elegant. The detail in each one of these brooches is precise and absolutely lovely. Many other design ideas can be used for a similar collection of items (flowers, insects, safari animals, etc.)  Whether you’re a fantasy fan or science geek who loves dinosaurs, or simply want to stick out in a crowd, these edgy mounted head brooches are an exciting accessory to showcase.