This Fun DIY Activity Lets You Make These Hairy Accessories From Beads

 - Mar 12, 2013
With the mustache craze continuing to expand through mainstream pop culture, all sorts of different products are starting to incorporate these designs into their framework, and these beaded mustache brooches are great examples of how popular these facial hair designs really are.

These quirky mustache brooches are a fun way to add some eclectic touches to your ensembles, and not only are they visually striking, but they're also simple to make. Just lay out your preferred beads into the iconic mustache shape, lay a piece of ironing paper over it, and then iron over it for a few minutes until the pieces melt together. Once cooled, you're free to use it to accessorize any outfit of your choice.

Featured on the blog 'Orange Moon,' this adorably creative DIY activity is a fantastic way to customize an accessory into something wacky and unique.