The 'Loopwheel' Replaces Spokes with Loops for a Smooth Ride

 - May 22, 2013
References: kickstarter & springwise
Replacing conventional spokes in bike wheels, looped bands in the 'Loopwheel' create an incredibly smooth ride. By replacing bike spokes with a looped spring system, 'Loopwheel' is essentially adding additional suspension through the wheels of a bike.

The wheels were built for folding bikes that do not have the benefit of a suspension system. By adding suspension through the portable bike's wheels, commuters can have the convenience of a folding bike without sacrificing comfort.

Made of a carbon composite material, the springs work to provide tangential suspension while only adding 300g to the weight of the bike. This means that the suspension works in every direction. As a result, the wheels allow your bike to take on curbs and extreme terrain with ease.