The Rowbike Lets You Take Your Rowing Out of the Water and Onto Dry Land

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: hammacher & uniquedaily
Fitness freaks are going to love the Rowbike. The Rowbike is a combination stationary rower and bicycle designed by Scott Olson, the creator of rollerblades. This odd looking bike combines the full-body workout of a stationary row machine with the mobility of a bicycle.

One of the things I hate about doing my cardio at the gym is how boring it gets. I can only stare at the same wall for so long before I start to lose the will to continue. The Rowbike takes the stationary rower out of the gym and puts it in the real-world. The bike functions more or less like a normal bike, with the exception being that it is powered by rowing. There is said to be somewhat of a learning curve and the bike does not ship assembled, but both of those things seem like a small price to pay for a piece of exercise equipment that can also take you down the street if needed.