Izhar Gafni's Cardboard Bicycle Can Support a Whopping 485 Pounds

 - Sep 13, 2012
References: kottke.org & neatorama
There are are least three particularly unbelievable facts about Izhar Gafni's Cardboard Bicycle. The first is that it can cost as little as nine dollars to manufacture, the second is that it's made almost entirely out of corrugated paper, and the third is that -- considering the first two qualities -- this two-wheeler has the capacity to support a 485-pound person.

The designer has managed to exceed expectations from every front in his successful prototype for an emission-free conveyance that's relatively environmentally-friendly to produce, that's incredibly cheap and mind-bogglingly strong. Not only is the frame of Izhar Gafni's Cardboard Bicycle made from layers of the unconventional material, but so are the handlebars, the wheels and even the seat.