Reel Bicycle Storage Makes Clever Use of Overlooked Areas of Bike Frames

 - May 23, 2012
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Where you might normally find a water bottle holder, seemingly making sufficient use of an awkward area on your two-wheeler, the Reel bicycle storage system presents a much more ingenuous suggestion. The product comprises a long and very flexible red band that's designed to be wound around the open triangle of your bike frame.

Small silicone stickers act as grips along the metal, allowing you to weave the Reel on and expect it to stay in place. The product creates a stretchy netting that contains a clever pocket for the stashing of an assortment of items. Yeong Keun Jeong has devised an adaptable and even removable compartment for bike locks, bottles, notebooks and groceries. The Reel bicycle storage system lets you cycle backpack-free.