The Portable MiniMum Bicycle Epitomizes the Notion that Less is More

 - Dec 6, 2012
References: omersagiv & tuvie
It may not fold up but the MiniMum Bicycle can be used effectively as a portable bike if your car can accommodate its 155-centimeter length. It's remarkably lightweight and its components are all impossibly slender. The most notable feature is the wire rope that's strung across the frame in the place of a top tube.

Otherwise, a single pipe extends from one end of the two-wheeler to another. It bends slightly at the back so that the rear tire is aligned along the center. A similar setup can be found at the front of Omer Sagiv's fixed gear bicycle where the head tube that supports the handlebars turns into a one-sided fork. The unusually basic configuration of the MiniMum Bicycle is held stiff by the tension of the top cable, considerably effective when a rider's weight is upon the seat.