The Rig Wheel Concept Redefines Roadside Cycling

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
The benefits of biking over driving need not be reiterated, and seeing the Rig Wheel concept itself may actually do a better job of encouraging a switch. The contraption still requires the rider to power its motion through steady pedaling, but the overall arrangement of the conveyance is a great deal better suited to roadside cycling.

Marcus Martinez developed this persuasive vehicle concept with a low center of gravity and a seat that's more conducive to comfort. Driving this dynamic bicycle is hardly different from sinking into one of those recumbent stationary bikes at the gym.

The Rig Wheel concept is covered in a monofilm enclosure to protect against the wind and debris on the street. Its two sizable tires fit within the width of a standard bicycle lane, and an additional six wheels within the hubless design offer impetus assistance.