The Milestone Bike Stand is a Minimalist Marble Sculpture

 - Aug 5, 2011
References: & mocoloco
Many inner-city cyclists must be satisfied with parking their bicycles inside their apartments. Such a practice is rendered easier and more elegantle with the Milestone Bike Stand.

It's best to avoid leaning your bike against the wall, as pedals and handlebars are quick to mark and chip your paint. Tilting your two-wheeler on its kickstand takes up more horizontal space than necessary, which is why this solid marble block is so effective.

Made by Mile as a project for Love One, this substantial prop comprises two simple parts. The bulk of the cube sits firmly on the floor, welcoming the placement of your front wheel within its carved out channels, and its cap provides a grooved platform to stabilize the back tire. When not in use, the two stacked together make the minimalistic Milestone Bike Stand look like an inconspicuous stone sculpture.

Photo Credits: Love One