The eBrompton Strikes a Time-Tested, Earth-Friendly Look

 - Sep 25, 2011
References: & gizmodo
After bike manufacturer Brompton withheld secrets and details concerning its infamous Project X, it was at last revealed to be plans for the eBrompton, an electric spin-off to the classic bicycle.

Despite attaching an as-of-yet-unspecified motor to the frame of the classic Brompton, the designers have assured viewers that the bicycle's weight won't be severely affected. And weight is very important, particularly for those who fold their Brompton and carry it upstairs to their office. It would be difficult to outdo the ingeniousness of the original bicycle, but the new eBrompton promises to eclipse its predecessors in every way. Imagine it: a motorized, eco-friendly bike that fits in your backpack! In the past, taking your bicycle while travelling was ostensibly impossible -- now it'll be as simple as carrying an extra rucksack.