Kamila Mlynarczyk Crafts Whimsical Victorian Toy Zombies

Giving a girl a doll resembling these Kamila Mlynarczyk creations will guarantee that she has nightmares well into her late-20s. After all, the bizarre designs of these corpse-like playthings looks so twisted that even most adults can’t handle having one anywhere near them. If you manage to get past your initial fear, however, you’ll discover wonderfully artistic crafts that Tim Burton would probably be jealous of.

Canadian Kamila Mlynarczyk explains that she makes dolls as a naturally extension of her passion for drawing. Unsatisfied with leaving her doodles on a flat page, she soon resorted to clay sculpting to bring her characters to life. She often dresses her toys in Victorian clothing, and though they have macabre elements, the designs are actually quite whimsical and reflect a child-like imagination.

If you dare to purchase one, Kamila Mlynarczyk sells her sculptures both on eBay and Etsy.