The Super Mario Earring Make Being Nerdy Look Good

 - Dec 24, 2013
References: etsy & etsy
These lovely Super Mario earrings let you be geeky while still looking classy.

Made by the power couple Shana and Shawn Hampton who run the Etsy shop Pixel Party, these pixelated earpieces are a tribute and love letter to the iconic Italian plumber Mario and his adventures. Primarily modeled after the look of the classic video game Super Mario 3, these earrings look like classic trademarks from the series, such as the mushroom, Mario in a Tanooki suit, the fire flower and more. For those who are very old school, you can also choose an earring designed like Donkey Kong from the first video game to feature Mario.

These Super Mario earrings are "made from shrink plastic, sealed with a clear glossy sealer and attached to silver tone earposts," allowing you to carry your love of gaming with you wherever you go.