These Space Invaders Coasters are Perfect for Fans of this Iconic Game

 - Feb 28, 2014
References: thinkgeek
Any nostalgic gamer looking to add some vintage video game references into their home is in luck, because these space alien drink mats serve to pay tribute to a wonderfully old school gamer classic.

Designed with features that reference the iconic Space Invaders arcade game, these geeky coaster designs will definitely catch the eye of any gamer looking to pay tribute to classic games of the past. A simple yet addictive arcade classic that allows players to point and shoot at invading alien creatures, Space Invaders set the tone for more simple and straightforward game designs.

Allowing individuals to enjoy drinks and beverages without having to worry about spills, these space alien drink mats will definitely add a nostalgically geeky touch to any ordinary kitchenware collection.