Pacman Earrings Accessorize You with Iconic 80s Entertainment

 - Mar 27, 2015
References: instagram & likecool
Pac-Man is 35 years old, but the Internet's continued interest in items like these Pacman earrings proves that the retro video game is far from dead. Iterations of the original arcade entertainment are available for online play at present, but now, the paraphernalia surrounding the challenge and its characters is probably bigger than the game itself.

One Instagram user has an account dedicated to picturing piercings, and these Pac-Man earrings especially have been circulating the web. The wearer has four holes in her cartilage, arranging space invaders and spots in a game-play-inspired sequence. The combination of gold and silver jewelry is quirky and the overall display is whimsical and nostalgic to pretty much anyone born in the late 70s or the 1980s.