From Cold Brew Coffee Kits to Cold Coffee-Juice Hybrids

 - Sep 24, 2015
From cold brew coffee kits designed for portability to dynamic visual branding schemes that highlight the superior craftsmanship of a product, there are a variety of recent cold brew innovations ushered in by its new mainstream presence.

Given the versatility of cold brewed coffee, it can be served a variety of ways, including hot and blended with other ingredients such as ice, chocolate or chicory. As such, several product lines have emerged that include 'Coffee Juice,' a juice-coffee hybrid out of Austin, and even a cannabis-infused variety. Carbonated coffee has also emerged as a prominent interpretation of cold brewed packaged goods.

Due to the fact that cold brew coffee has lower levels of acidity, it tastes sweeter naturally, making it a healthful alternative to regular coffee that would require more sweetening agents.