CogniTea's Tea for Health Naturally Enhances Mental Focus & Productivity

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: cognitea & cognitea
CogniTea is a unique brand of tea for health that puts its focus on boosting mental clarity in the same way caffeinated or energy drinks do, but without the nasty side effects. Tea in general is pretty great for your overall wellness, but what gives CogniTea the edge is that it is packed with up to ten times the amount of L-Theanine that can be found in green tea, which keeps you alert, but calm.

The tea is made up of a blend of 11 organic ingredients, which includes ginseng, guarana seeds, goji berries, stevia as well as yerba mate, guayusa, black tea and peppermint leaves. Alone, these ingredients are probably nothing too unusual for the average tea drinker, but the combination is what makes the tea so powerful. CogniTea sells its tea bags in variety of multi-pack sizes and also makes them available as monthly subscriptions.