The Nescafe Alarm Cap is a 3D Printed Jar Lid and Functioning Alarm Clock

 - May 13, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Thanks to the Nescafe Alarm Cap, their coffee will wake you up in more ways than one. The clever branding concept was conceived to renew their signature product. The dual function coffee container cap keeps the beans fresh while also doubling as a functioning alarm clock with seven unique sounds to wake you up gently. To turn off the alarm, you have to unscrew the cap and open the coffee.

Designed in partnership with creative agency Publicis Mexico and NOTLabs, NOTCOT's creative studio, the limited edition Nescafe Alarm Cap fits into a 3D printed coffee jar lid. The California-assembled timepiece runs on a custom Arduino based platform.

Between the alarm, the enticing aroma of coffee beans and an open jar right in front of you, it will be next to impossible to say no to a fresh cup.