These Bloomsberry Bars Give Chocoholics an Excuse to Binge

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: bloomsberry & lostateminor
Bloomsberry, a New Zealand-based chocolate company, has a slew of new sweets aimed at chocoholics looking for an excuse to chow down. The company's chocolates all display fake prescriptions, as if the chocolate was really medicine that chocolate lovers just had to eat.

The two most hilarious chocolate bars are arguably the Girth Control and Bochox bars. Girth Control actually contains very little cocoa, and is meant to keep those pesky pounds off chocolate lovers' hips. When chocolate lovers have an uncontrollable craving for chocolatey goodness, reaching for the Girth Control bar is the safest and tastiest option. Bochox is 70% dark chocolate and is meant to help rid men and women of wrinkles.

These chocolate bars are both delicious and comical, and are definitely the way to a chocolate lover's heart.