The Beta5 Packaging is Unassuming and Elegant

 - Feb 20, 2012
References: glasfurdandwalker & thedieline
The premium chocolate brand Beta5 turned to Glasfurd and Walker to devise fresh packaging and an engaging persona. Using only high-quality ingredients, Beta5 combines good taste with sound science to create eye-popping chocolate creations. The packaging for these astounding chocolates is relatively unassuming. Looking like simple, yet elegant packages you'd get from a high-end patisserie, the Beta5 branding looks expensive, but is far from extravagant.

Named for the form-5 beta crystal structure of stable cocoa butter crystallization, Beta5 is a brand that focuses on its craft. Flourish and unnecessary adornments are banished form the packaging for one simple reason: these chocolates don't need them. Understated yet elegant, the Beta5 branding lets the product speak for itself.