Tilín Cacao’s Clever Packaging is Delightfully Sweet

Just looking at this clever packaging will make your mouth water. Soon after, you’ll start to feel the tingle of sweetness wet your tongue, then the avalanche of warm chocolate takes over all of your senses. All that by just looking at this brilliantly packaged line of chocolate products.  

Designer Isabela Rodrigues developed this clever packaging for Columbian chocolate brand Tilín Cacao by paying homage to the age-old tradition of cacao cultivation in the different regions of Columbia.

Known for their dark-chocolate , Colombian chocolate is nutty, flavorful and rich. And what Rodrigues was able to do—using clever packing—for this line of chocolate products, really does exude that identity of warmth and flavor.

Using only subtle colors and thick illustrated lines, the Tilín Cacao line of chocolates is bound to delight.