Branding for YOLO Sweets Encourages Treating Yourself

 - May 22, 2014
References: & thedieline
Offering a decadent collection of brownies, cookies and chocolate, the YOLO brand totally embodies the phrase "you only live once." The treats are presented with youthful colors that are vibrant and throw caution to the wind—who needs to count calories?

Branding and packaging for the fun collection of sweets was designed by Isabela Rodrigues of the Sweety Branding Studio in Brazil and it puts an emphasis back on the enjoyment of food, versus worrying about it.

The brand name of the sweets speaks very strongly for itself, which makes it incredibly tempting and hard to choose between indulging in a mocha-flavoured milk, chocolate-covered coffee or a chocolate and macadamia brownie. Then again, if you've adopted a YOLO attitude, why just limit yourself to one treat?