From Glittery Root Coverage to Psychedelic Rainbow Hairstyles

 - Nov 12, 2015
Trying one of these colorful hairstyles may be just what your hair needs to welcome the new season. These technicolor hairdos cater to all kinds of hair from the tresses on your head to the ones under your arms.

Men participating in No Shave November may want to glamorize their support with the Unicorn Hairstyle while beardless individuals can show support for feminism by dying their armpits an array of multicolored hues. When it comes to roots, BLOW Finnieston's glittered root coverage is great way to decorate grown-out roots while Lottie Tomlinson's rainbow roots allow you to dress up your usual hair color.

These colorful hairstyles also include Sand Art Hair -- inspired by the multi-hued children's craft -- as well as the tie-dye hair movement.