This Bold Tie-Dye Hair Color is Inspired by Swirling Galaxies

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: instagram & fashionablygeek
This tie-dye hair movement offers consumers the opportunity to create celestial-inspired styles modelled after the appearance of space galaxies. The look merges together brightly colored hues such as purples, pinks and blues to create an effortless blend of shades colliding together like bodies of stars.

The hairstyle begins with a collection of brightly colored dyes that are most likely overlaid onto bleached hair so that the bright purple, pink and blue pigments really come through. The dye is layered in a random array to give the effect of swirls of galaxies one might see when they look up in space. Unlike pastel hair, the galaxy hair focuses on bright colors rather than subduing them for a softer look.